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Botox or Restylane – Each Client is Unique

Following a consultation, to assess suitability for treatment, pre treatment photos are taken and a plan is developed according to priorities and budget of each client. All new clients have a complimentary follow-up appointment about two weeks after treatment so that I can assess the outcome of the treatment and make minor changes if necessary.

A certain amount of trepidation concerning the delivery of treatments is inevitable. Nobody like needles therefore it is so important to take the time to make sure that people are comfortable and know what to expect before, during and after treatments. Ultimately, the treatments should be enjoyed not endured so that the whole experience of enhancing ones appearance is exciting and positive. Restylane® and Botox® have a proven safety record and are amongst the most popular injectable products worldwide. Sharon is passionate about her work, constantly striving to achieve a high standard in the delivery of treatments for clients. Attending advanced workshops and national and international conferences keeps her up to date with the latest products and improved techniques which maximises treatment outcome for her clients.

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